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Between 10 March and 15 May 2016 our organs can be ordered at a discount of 20 to 30 %.
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Console Michael V.2.

We recently completed version V.2. of our Michael console. The new console can be pre-ordered with a 20% discount until 15 May 2016.

New Cavaillé-Coll Style virtual organ in Budapest


We are pleased to provide an update on our latest completed organ which honours the memory of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, the French Romantic organ builder genius.


Console Michael


The new Vox Organi model allowing flexibility in register labeling would be ready by January 2014.

PC und Musik


Vox Organi has established a long-term partnership with PC und Musik in Germany, a company with a leading role on the German market in the area of Hauptwerk systems. 

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Console Michael


Though somehwat belated, the prototype is ready and functions well.
The idea is quite simple: we use small LED register buttons without any engraving. Above the register buttons we placed a rotating cylinder which can display 4 different dispositions. Only one row of disposition shows at a time which we can select. The label cylinder can be rotated manually. The label cylinder is also easily replacable, allowing to have 4 or even 8 organs in one and the same instrument.
The organs can be selected using a preselect button.
The organ in the picture can produce 8 different organ sounds as we have equipped it the corresponding number of preselection buttons.
For the time being four instruments were equipped in accordance with our client’s wishes:
1., St. Eucaire Cavaillé-Coll – French romantic
2., Zwolle St. Michael – German Baroque
3., 4 register continuo organ
4., cembalo – two manuals
On the PC we use SSD storage which allows us to equip the instruments in a matter of seconds (5-20 sec).
The PC starts up very fast.Counting from the moment it is switched on the instrument can be played within at most 45-50 sec.
The console is of traditional set up, there is no monitor, the most important information can be viewed on 3 displays.
Display 1: shows which organ sounds have been stored as well as the name of the instrument
Display 2: Helps handling the setzer system
Display 3: volume, master tuning (440Hz), transposition, fine tuning (pitch).
The music stand has a built in LED tape which provides light both to the music book as well as the keyboard, hence no other light source is necessary.